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 Curt’s Pitch for ALS Teams with Sports Cartoonist Galasso 
In Commemorating Historic Season

DEDHAM, MA - August 29, 2006 – In a season recently chock full of forgetful moments for the Boston Red Sox, there are still some historic reasons to tune in. Sox ace Curt Schilling took the mound on Wednesday a mere one strikeout away from career number 3,000. With a punch out of Oakland’s Nick Swisher in the bottom of the 1st inning, Schilling has become the 14th member of the prestigious 3,000 Strikeout Club. Still dominating during the twilight of a stellar career, Curt also earned his 200th career victory earlier this season. These milestones have surely made 2006 an extremely significant year for bolstering his strong Hall of Fame resume. 

To honor this momentous season the Massachusetts Chapter of The ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) Association and their Curt’s Pitch for ALS Program have teamed with nationally renowned sports cartoonist and New England native Frank Galasso to create a commemorative cartoon. The piece will be a classic style sports tribute and will only be available through the MA Chapter with a limited edition production run of 300 available. The 16”x20” prints will be offered for any donation of $45+ starting on Thursday 8/31 and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally, anyone who makes a donation of $300+ dollars by September 15th, 2006 will receive an invitation to Curt’s Postseason Reception – a tremendous night of food and fun with the chance to see the Schilling’s up close. This represents a $100 savings from the typical minimum donation required.  Click here to donate now.

All of the proceeds raised by the Curt’s Pitch for ALS program go directly toward funding aggressive and cutting edge research as well as fueling a comprehensive range of support services for those patients currently battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. This includes funding for the Curt and Shonda Schilling ALS Clinic - which recently opened its doors to patients at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA. There is no known cause, cure, or treatment for ALS to this day and the need for additional funds is critical.

Now in its 14th season – Curt’s Pitch for ALS has raised over $6 million (or about $2,000 per strikeout) for the ALS Association nationally.

14 Spiritual Laws to Know

If you think the Law of Attraction is all you need to know about spiritual law, think again...

Using spiritual power to change your life and the lives of others depends on knowing Spirit (or being aligned with God/universal intelligence) and applying spiritual laws wisely. Much attention has been paid of late to the Law of Attraction due to huge amounts of publicity around "The Secret", which started as a book, expanded to a DVD, and then became a movie. But there are other spiritual or universal laws that can be studied and applied. The two sets of seven laws that I will describe briefly in this article are probably the best known.

Seven universal laws are attributed to Hermes Trismegistos of ancient Greece. These seven Hermetic laws are quite well known and are generally accepted by many as containing great truths. Other people believe that this is all a bunch of new age hooey; but from my own experience, I believe the truth is indeed there. The best treatment I've seen of the Hermetic laws is by Alan Seale in his book, Soul Mission, Life Vision.

A to Z of Indian Politics

While in school we are taught a for apple, b for ball and such stuff, the school of politics of India has entirely different teaching. Here is how it looks like:

A for Aam Aadmi: India is very diverse country with all major religions, various languages, caste living in one country. But chiefly there are only two set of people. Aam and Khaas. aam includes 99% of people of India while khaas includes top business and corporate heads, IAS, IPS and political brass. Of course with their families. So since aam aadmi is majority, Indian politics runs of claims of doing wonders for aam aadmi and ending up doing wonders for khaas!

B for Babri Mashjid:

Business Policies

In the administration of business, one of the most important tasks is to formulate policy; the work of planning and the determination of company objectives become effective when expressed in policy form.

A policy is a guide to the action or decisions of people. Policies are directives, issued from a higher authority, and provide a continuous framework for the conduct of individuals in a business - they are in effect a type of planning. Policies are expressions of a company's official attitude towards types of behavior within which it will permit, or desire, employees to act. They express the means by which the company's agreed objectives are to be achieved and usually take the form of statements, telling members how they should act in specific circumstances. Policies reflect management thinking on basic matters and inform those interested in the activities of the company about the company's intentions regarding them.

Comparison of the Traditional English

Introduction: This paper endeavours to compare the traditional English law and the European Community (EC) law on jurisdictional values, in that, it seeks to understand and elucidate why the former set of jurisdictional rules value flexibility and justice while the latter values certainty and predictability vis-Г -vis the other. It shall analyse their historical or political background, their objectives and bases for assuming jurisdiction. It shall highlight the areas of differences between these jurisdictional regimes with the assistance of authorities like significant Court cases and books that have besides explaining or simplifying the law have also helped its evolution.

Corporate Governance Investing in the Emerging

In the securities market of the Czech Republic corporate governance plays a crucial role in instilling investor confidence and ensuring an efficient market. Post the fall of Communism, the economy was transitioned from state owned to capitalist in a very short time. Since then, the Czech Republic has come a long way to quickly reach standards of other capitalist markets and successfully obtain accession into the European Union. As the market continues its progression, the need for transparency of information and alignment between board members and managers in firms greatens.

From the Czech Republic's voucher privatization program in 1992 to the late 1990's, corporate governance was viewed negatively and/or non-existent for publicly traded Czech companies. A path began with a lack of regulation, continued with a lack of enforcement, and finally turned directions beginning in 1998 with the Securities Commission Act. Even now, as Czech companies attempt to become more competitive on a global scale in the market, the realization amongst firms of the need for structured corporate governance and more transparency in their reporting of information takes hold as a continued effort necessary to report and align enterprise goals with those of other stakeholders.

Daily Politics Blog How to Find

So you are interested in the world of politics but do not know where to find a good daily politics blog. In this article I will provide you with the best method for finding the blogs you want to read. I will not tell you what to read, I will tell you how to find a political blog you want to read -one that suits your specific tastes.

If you know essentially nothing about the world of political blogging you should understand a few things right off the bat.

Firstly, a daily politics blog can come in one of two forms. The first type is the kind most people probably think a political blog looks like. It is the "personal blog". It is made by one individual. The second type is the corporate type. It is like a company as it has several writers or "contributors" who make up the daily blog into what is very similar to an online newspaper.

Decalogue Covenant Does God Want People

The short answer is no: God intends for everyone in the world to submit to Christ under the New Covenant, which does not include the Law of Moses, though it shares with Moses fundamental moral values because both are based on the unchanging character of God Himself (compare Leviticus 19:1-2 with Matthew 5:48 and Luke 6:36). To go deeper than the surface, we have to look at what Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul, and the author of Hebrews say about the old and new covenants.

Prophecy of the New Covenant

About 600 years before Christ, the prophet Jeremiah predicted the new covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34). He said the new covenant would be different than the old (specified as the one God made with the houses of Israel and Judah when he brought them out of Egypt--definitely referring to the Mosaic Covenant). This time, the laws would be written on the people's hearts, all of them will know the LORD, and He will completely forgive them. The New Testament book of Hebrews says this is the covenant Christ introduced (Hebrews 8:7-13 and 10:15-18, on which more is said below).

E Governance


World economies have recognized Information Technology as an effective tool in catalyzing the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing human resource. They have made significant investments in it and successfully integrated it with the development process, thereby reaping the benefits to their society. In India also, these developments have impacted the industrial, education, service and Government sectors and their influence on various applications is increasingly being felt of


As the era of digital economy is evolving, the concept of governance has assumed significant importance. The e-Governance has consequently become an accepted methodology involving the use of Information Technology in improving transparency, providing information speedily to all citizens, improving administration efficiency and improving public services such as transportation, power, health, water, security and municipal services.

Effective Policy Writing

Whether you are running a large corporate business, a government agency, a home based start up business, a non-profit organization or anything in-between, the formation of policies are extremely important. As a matter of fact they are crucial to the success and survival of the entity.

Policies are different from rules or laws; they are intended as a guide to ensure desired outcomes. These outcomes can be specific, such as the process for hiring, handling complaints or purchases for manufacturing processes. They can also be general in nature, such as behavior policies that match an organization's mission statement. There are instances when a policy may become clear only in retrospect (Australian Policy Handbook, p. 6), yet they still serve the purpose of driving an organization forward, ever learning, ever striving to become better.

Five Tips For the Best

So your daughter wants to be the queen of hearts this year for Halloween? There are several important factors to prepare for this endeavor, so please read and listen carefully because in order for your child to be the Queen of Hearts, all steps must be followed.

1. The first thing to recommend is to watch all the Alice in Wonderland movies! There is the cartoon version, there is the 1985 version of the movie which will be very entertaining for all ages, and then of course the New Alice In Wonderland Movie that was made in 2010, which is also a great movie. All three movies portray a different Queen of Hearts, so it is important for your daughter to decide which character she would like to be. Perhaps she will like one more than the other. I think the cartoon Queen is a bit meaner than all the rest, and the 2010 Queen, while mean in her own way, she was very comical at times. She was also the most awkward looking queen of them all. Any queen she chooses to become will be fascinating in their own right.