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Our Mission

The ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter is dedicated to providing services and education to patients, their families and caregivers while raising funds to support these services and to aid researchers in finding a cause, treatment and cure for ALS.  We are also dedicated to increasing public awareness for ALS and advocating for assistance at the national and state level. 

Our simple message to patients and their caregivers, family and friends is that you are not alone.  Making sure that you can count on the caring, compassionate support of people who understand the daily challenge of living with the disease is our goal. 



Judy Teplow, Director of Patient & Caregiver Services
Former teacher and school counselor, Judy changed careers to become a medical social worker.  Her decision to return to graduate school was largely influenced by her experience as a caregiver to her mother who was diagnosed with ALS in 1984.  Initially, Judy worked as a geriatric specialist and mental health therapist.  After serving seven years as a member of ALSA's Executive Board, Judy became Director of Patient and Caregiver Services.


Barbara Mahoney, Patient Services Coordinator
Barbara became involved with the ALS Association when her husband was diagnosed with ALS in 1988.  She started attending support groups in 1989 and continued until 1991, when the support groups became The ALS Association MA Chapter.  She continues to work closely with Judy Teplow, Director of Patient and Caregiver Services, in providing information and services to patients and their caregivers.

Joanne Peskowitz, LICSW/Case Manager
Joanne came to The ALS Association MA Chapter after fifteen years of experience as a medical social worker in a variety of settings.  Ms. Peskowitz has experience working as a hospital social worker as well as seven years with the visiting nurses of Boston visiting people in their homes.

Joanne planned to go into private practice after graduate school, but due to her personal experience as a caregiver, she decided to specialize in working with individuals and families living with medical illnesses.

Marybeth Barker, LCSW, MPH/Case Manager
Prior to joining the patient services team at The ALS Association, Marybeth Barker worked as a private geriatric care manager.  She has a background in public health and social work. When her mother became ill, she was able to use her skills as a care manager to support her father in caring for her mother at home and in making difficult decisions about her end of life care. 

She left her profession after finding herself in the role of care manager twenty four hours a day. After her mother’s death, she resumed her work by joining the patient care team at the ALSA with a deeper understanding of patient and care giver needs.

Paul Badger, Equipment Manager
Studying Business Administration as a college student full time and working for ALSA-MA part time, Paul heads up the Mel M. Kornbliet Equipment Loan Program and has done so for the past two years.